Springsure Community Workshop

8 September 2015

The Springsure Community Workshop took place in the Springsure Town Hall on Tuesday 8 September, attended by eight keen photography enthusiasts.

The initial workshop presentation led to a discussion about social documentary photography, street photography and portraiture. Workshop participants learnt how to effectively use natural light to get good results when shooting portraits in varying situations. The midday Australian sun is a killer for giving strong contrast, and if that is what you are after then it's great, but it is hard to shoot effective portraits when the sun is beaming straight down on a subject (especially if they are wearing a big Akubra!). 

The Springsure Community Workshop took place between 9am and midday, and participants were given a project to shoot a portrait of someone in the main street, as well as any other photographs that caught their eye. Dawson Highway, the main street of Springsure, was alive with activity at this time and there were plenty of people around who were happy to be photographed. Considering that everyone in the workshop is a local (even those who live 70kms from town) there were no concerns about approaching people, as everyone pretty much knows everyone else in this town. The photographers spread out all around the main street, photographing people, street scenes and shopfronts. The group ended up producing a great little series on Springsure's Main Street, which you can see in the gallery below.

Photography Tip: When photographing people in the middle of the day, ask your subjects to move into the shade if possible. The light will be more even, your portrait sitter will be much more comfortable and relaxed, which means no squinting or any harsh shadows.

Springsure Community Photographers: Leonie Hopgood, Pamela McLaughlin, Estelle Daniels, Alan Shaw, Tessa Lane, Joci Bate, Amanda Roebig and Marjorie Shannen.