Collinsville Community Workshop

17 September 2015

The final 2015 My Space/Our Place photography workshop was held in Collinsville for community members on the afternoon of 17 September. Earlier the same day the main street of Collinsville was swarming with camera wielding students, roaming the town shooting pictures of the buildings and things that caught their interest. Word had spread about the students' photography project and it seemed that the My Space/Our Place workshops were indeed talk of the town. At four o'clock on the dot (displaying great country punctuality), nine keen photographers gathered at the Collinsville Connect Telecentre and the workshop began. 

Many of the photographers brought their own cameras and showed great proficiency using them. Some people opted to use their camera and one of the workshop Olympus TG-860's to see what it was like using a point and shoot camera.

As the sun gradually moved lower in the vast skym it was time to head out on to the streets of Collinsville to make our images. Participants went off in all directions, knowing where they were going to photograph. A small and dedicated group hit the main street while others drove to locations which produced some very original and striking photographs. The participants' enthusiasm for photography was palpable during this,  the final My Space/Our Place workshop. A great selection of portraits, street scenes, landscapes and candid photography was made, with a good representation shown on this page.

A big thank you to Marissa who organised the afternoon's workshop, and also to everyone who came down and participated in the project. 

Collinsville Community Photographers: Marissa Kearney, Lorna Simpson, Jacqueline Reygersberg, Jashua Vallada, Wayne Munro, Joanne Holcombe, Lyndsay Wypev, Deb Adams, Shenice Portelli.