Bowen State High School Workshop

14 September 2015

The Bowen State School My Space/Our Place Workshop took place on 14 September with some very enthusiastic students from years 7-12. With only one male student in the class, it was the girls who dominated the numbers, with some exceptional results by all. Students for this workshop were only able to photograph on school grounds, and after a inclusive discussion on photography and The Photograph and Australia exhibition, it was out on to the school grounds to make their own pictures. Not even some of the teachers escaped becoming subjects.

Tip: If you are at a loss at what to photograph, look around to see what colours you can see. Even the smallest splash of paint can make interesting compositions. 

Bowen State School Photographers: Tahlia Coe, Macy Gould, Rhiannon Newberry, Nina, Tailah Jensen, Mikayla Currie, Beau, Vanessa Stewart, Jessica Pollard, Brittany de John, Josie Knox, Tyra Power, Sarah Miller.