Capella State High School Gallery now online

It is not uncommon for teenagers, especially in regional and rural areas, to become easily bored with their immediate surroundings. Small towns in regional Australia often find it hard to stay alive, and the Central Highlands Shire of Queensland is no exception. For Sale signs are often seen in business windows and in front of houses and farms, the space out this way is vast, and the big sky envelopes the hot, dry landscape as far as they eye can see. It is understandable how kids and teenagers can easily feel trapped by this space. Photography, as well as other art forms, can provide students and adults alike, with a purpose to engage with their environment, to reveal what it is like out here and the conditions which they face. On a more personal level, photography and the arts can also help people to express how they see themselves in their environment, and as part of it. When the camera is used as a tool for self-expression, authorship and ownership is given to people's own story, which can help boost self-confidence and empowerment. Access to the arts is one way in which students can develop these very important attributes.

Capella State High School hosted their My Space/Our Place photography workshop yesterday, the results of their work can be seen here.

Sunbaker, 2015 (after Dupain) Photo by Alex Hugo, Hudson Jeffrey and Lydiah McLean. (Capella, Qld).