Wandoan State High School

4 September 2015

The My Space/Our Place photography workshops kicked off in Wandoan on Friday 4 September, with two workshops held at Wandoan State School. The first workshop was held with high school students from years 8-10, followed by a community workshop in the afternoon.

Students were given an introduction to the Olympus Tg-860 digital cameras, and then went out on an hour-long field trip around the town. With 14 students in the workshop, there were a few different ideas as to where the best places would be to take pictures, but they managed to get around to a few spots to make some very diverse photographs.. 

Once the group returned to school, the students' photographs were uploaded, selected and edited. Each student then presented their work to the rest of the group.

This page is an edited gallery of photographs made by students from Wandoan State School during the workshop.

Wandoan Student Photographers: Ashley Harth, Caleb Walsh, Jayden Pearce, Isiah Scutt, Sean Gunnulson, Tayla Law, Marty Sinnamon, Daniel Gunnulson, Trinity Chambers, Layne Sinnamon, Jerome Munns, Kody Mayes, Bailey Law and Dean Mathiot.